Updated: Nov 21, 2020

PAPER - We recommend CARD STOCK printer paper to print your coloring pages on, found in most stores.

TOOLS - The most favored coloring tools are gel pens and colored pencils. Both can be purchased in a variety of quality and pricing. Beginners or children's pens and pencils are the cheapest and can be found in most stores. Artist quality are more expensive but will give you deeper colors and a more professional appearance. They can usually be found in craft stores or online. Amazon has a wide choice of different brand professional pencils and pens for reasonable prices. The above flower was colored with Prismacolor Professional Pencils.

PENCILS - when using pencils try layering. The more you layer the richer the color will appear. Also consider blending different colored pencils. Finally, there are special pencils to aid with blending, called of course Blending Pencils. These can be found in craft stores or online. Lastly, you might want to invest in one or two white professional pencils. Use these to lighten a color or highlight certain areas. These can be purchased individually at craft stores and online.

PENS - are offered in packs with a wide choice of colors and effects. Glitter pens are a favorite. Most pen packs offer a sampling of basic ink, glitter ink and metallic ink.

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